Belle Michelle
Bars and big screen at Bournemouth 7s

Bournemouth 7s Festival 2015

The excellent guys at Muscle Milk offered me a couple of free tickets to the Bournemouth 7s festival, so of course I had to take them up on their offer! I have a few friends who were going anyway, so tagged along with them for the Saturday…

A dress-up theme can never be passed up, and I had Superhero or Bright and Tight to choose from. Strangely, in my bag of tricks I don’t own a superhero costume so went with the ‘Bright and Tight’ theme; borrowing some awesome bright shiny leggings from my pink-loving flatmate and finally getting to wear the zebra shoes I bought on a whim last summer.

I tried to look as much like a student as possible which obviously worked, as I got asked for ID when collecting my ticket and almost didn’t get in!

Bournemouth 7s outfit

First off, I went to go and chat with Jens Kaiser at the Muscle Milk stand, who is a German triathlete and Marketing Coordinator of the brand. He told me a bit about himself and the company; which I had heard of before but never tried any of their products and presumed they were only available in the USA.

Muscle Milk banner Muscle Milk stand at Bournemouth 7s

I tried one of their ready-made chocolate protein shakes, which was really yummy, and a couple of my friends got hold of the vanilla and strawberry flavours too. Vanilla was my least favourite because I am not much of a vanilla fan; and the strawberry was also delicious.

Jens Kaiser handing out Muscle Milk shake samples Muscle Milk chocolate protein shake

I don’t usually buy ready-made shakes as they are usually full of sugar and nasties, but I was pleasantly surprised by the macros and calorie count per 330ml bottle:

  • 189 calories
  • 11.6g carbs (7.9g sugar)
  • 7g fat (1g saturated)
  • 20g protein

It’s not something I would drink every day, but would be an ideal post-workout recovery drink on the go.

Michelle Dinan with Jens Kaiser

I then took a wander around the grounds before it got too busy and rowdy. It was so sunny and warm, which made me very happy 🙂 There were various food and drink stalls and dance tents (an ’80s themed one seemed to attract some amusingly drunk karaoke singers), plus sports going on throughout the day including rugby, netball and dodgeball.

Stalls at Bournemouth 7s

Cider appeared to be the drink of choice. It is not my drink of choice however!

Somersby cider garden Food stalls and costumes at Bournemouth 7s Bars and big screen at Bournemouth 7s Big screen and seating area Big Top dance tent

We spent most of the afternoon sitting in the sun watching some hot young guys running around with a rugby ball, which was rather pleasant.

Rugby at Bournemouth 7s

Seeing as drinking myself into oblivion doesn’t really interest me that much these days, I went in search of some coffee and tasty treats to eat instead. I was in luck! I found some stalls selling baked goods and brownies.

Oxfords Village Bakery stall at Bournemouth 7s

I finally settled on the Bad Brownie stall and after deliberating over the Snickers, peanut butter and bacon & maple syrup brownies (I wanted to inhale them all), settled on their cherry mocha crumble brownie which was deliciously fudgy and divine. I savoured every bite.

Bad Brownie Co stand at Bournemouth 7s Bad Brownie Co brownie selection Bad Brownie Co selection box Eating a Bad Brownie Co brownie

I stayed for a little while into the evening, had a bit of a dance and a couple of alcoholic beverages, then got myself outta there before it got too crazy and drunken! There was a very funny moment in the taxi queue where a very drunk man denied access to a taxi because of the state he was in fell over a metal fence and knocked it over 😀

I had a good day, so thank you to the organisers and to Muscle Milk for providing my tickets!