Belle Michelle
Thatched cottages at Milton Abbas

Day Out to Milton Abbas

My flatmate and I are really enjoying getting out at the weekends at the moment – getting off the beaten tracks to see something pretty in the local area. She had seen a place called Milton Abbas on some house design show on TV which looked nice to we went to check it out…

We got a bit lost before we arrived but were pointed in the right direction by a nice local gentleman who came over to check we were ok (we had driven down a dead end and were turning around). It’s amazing how nice people are when you get out of town!

We knew we had arrived when we came across a wide road lined with identical whitewashed thatched cottages.

Cottages at Milton Abbas

Being us, and seeing as it was conveniently lunchtime, we required food immediately and luckily had pulled up right outside the local pub – The Hambro Arms.

Exterior of the Hambro Arms pub Hambro Arms sign

Apparently the area had been out of power for a while because of storms and flooding, but all had been restored that morning so we were in luck and were able to get a seat inside, which was much fancier than I had anticipated (not a bad thing).

Interior of the Hambro Arms pub

Perusing the lunch menu, I couldn’t resist going for the roast.

Hambro Arms Sunday lunch menu

It didn’t disappoint, and my stomach and I left the place happy.

Sunday roast

The sunshine seemed to have disappeared by the time we left the pub which was a shame, but we headed out to look at the old buildings. As well as the white cottages, there were a number of different types of houses too – which must have had different functions in the past.

House in Milton Abbas Church at Milton Abbas

I think this was an old school building, now transformed into houses.

Old school building at Milton Abbas

This was my favourite cottage – I bet it looks lovely in the summer when all the flowers come out.

Thatched cottages at Milton Abbas

Walking further, we could see glimpses of Milton Abbey School which grey stone exterior looked really impressive through the trees. I couldn’t get any decent photos of it, unfortunately. We saw a farm shop sign so went to check it out briefly and then thought we may be in danger of getting lost as our map didn’t seem to show the route we had come! So, we headed back the way we came.

Farm shop sign

On the way back, we saw these two adorable horses by a fence who let me pat them without biting or standing on my feet (yes, this has happened to me in the past – the stepping, not the biting). The dark brown one was cheeky and kept putting his head through the fence to get more attention 🙂

Friendly horses at Milton Abbas