Belle Michelle

P1 Powerboat Experience Ride

Last weekend, Bournemouth hosted the P1 Grand Prix of the Sea, a championship powerboat race event of which Lycamobile sponsored the P1 Powerboat. I was offered the chance to ride in a P1 Panther powerboat, so couldn’t really turn that offer down…

I arrived at Salterns Marina in Lilliput, Poole kitted out in my waterproof jacket. It was quite a grey day but hadn’t rained… yet!

Salterns Marina

I got my helmet and life jacket on and posed with these lovely ladies – don’t I look awesome…

Michelle looking sexy in her helmet and life jacket

The driver of the boat coasted us out of the harbour and into open sea, where it was actually quite choppy! Going against the waves, it was pretty bumpy going out, but as we turned around to head back, it looked like it was going to be a lot more fun riding the waves back in.

It was, for sure. We sped up and rode the waves inland. At one point though, I think we collided with two waves coming from opposite directions and I just remember seeing this wall of water come over the windscreen towards me and covering us all. This I didn’t expect(!) but the driver handled it very well, and it certainly made it into an ‘experience’!


Just a casual ride past Brownsea Island on the way back to the marina…

Powerboat going past Brownsea Island Waving from the powerboat

I won’t lie; I did have a soggy bum, which I tried to hide from the taxi driver taking me home. But it is certainly something I wouldn’t have thought about doing and I had fun, so thank you to the powerboat team and to Lycamobile for providing my ride! 🙂

  • MadJon

    Very cool!