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Red Arrows fly-by

Bournemouth Air Show Weekend 2014

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Bournemouth Air Show. The atmosphere is great for a few days and it’s nice to see people enjoying the town, but the crowds do stress me out a bit! Nevertheless, this year’s one was especially fun…


I thought it was time to finally wear the Adventure Time dress my flatmate got me for my birthday, and we walked to Urban Beach for lunch with her family.

I ordered a delicious (and massive) butternut squash and feta salad, and the bar staff gave us a huge tequila based cocktail for free for sympathising with them about a customer who was being difficult, so that was nice of them! I was trying not to drink alcohol as day drinking makes me turn into Sleepy Mc Sleeperson and and Grumpy Mc Grumperson and nobody should experience that, but I had a few sips to taste. Yum 🙂

Adventure Time dress Feta and butternut squash salad from Urban Beach Cocktail from Urban Beach

After lunch, we walked up onto the clifftop from Boscombe pier and made our way slowly towards Bournemouth pier while the Air Show was starting.

Planes over Boscombe pier

I’ll be honest – I don’t know much about the planes, but of course the Red Arrows are everyone’s favourite and we stood on the hill by the Russell Cotes Museum to see them. Lots of annoying people were in my way, but I managed to get some photos of them doing their thing.

Red Arrows flying over the sea

It’s a shame it wasn’t a bit of a nicer day, but they still put on a fabulous show, as usual.

Red Arrows Red Arrows flying upwards

The heart shape they made with their trails was pretty special.

Red Arrows making a heart shape with their trails Red Arrows

Here is a shot looking down the hill to the pier after the Red Arrows finished showing how busy it was before everyone bundled out en masse!

Air Show crowds by Bournemouth pier


Sunday was actually a beautiful day! Having been cold the previous day, I ended up pretty much wearing winter clothes which I regretted pretty quickly – I got my days clothes in reverse! I thought the Red Arrows started at 12:30 so I walked down through Boscombe Gardens to the beach…

Air Show crowds by Boscombe pier

…and managed to catch the Red Arrows last fly-by. Apparently it had actually started at 12:10. D’oh.

Red Arrows fly-by

Ah well, their last fly-by was pretty awesome and I’m glad I caught it.

Red Arrows fly-by Red Arrows fly-by over Boscombe pier

I was going to be meeting my flatmate and family at Urban Reef, so I headed over and enjoyed the sunshine a bit before they arrived.

Urban Reef exterior Sunny Boscombe beach

We had booked a table out on the balcony which gave us a perfect view of the rest of the Air Show.

View of Boscombe pier and beach from Urban Reef

Of course food had to be involved, so to start we ordered a platter of various breads, olives and camembert.

Bread, houmous and olives appetiser at Urban Reef

Then for main, I had a giant cous cous and halloumi salad which was exceptionally tasty.

Giant couscous and halloumi salad at Urban Reef


Helicopter flying over Boscombe pier Helicopter flying over Boscombe beach

The Lancaster or Sally B flying over Boscombe pier (not sure which).

Lancaster or Sally B flying over Boscombe pier

After I’d had my fill of the Air Show, I had a huge hankering for getting away from all the crowds and went for a bike ride with my friend Luke. We got on the chain ferry to Studland and saw all the boats racing back to Poole after the Air Show had officially finished.

Boats rushing back from Bournemouth after the Air Show Boats rushing back from Bournemouth after the Air Show

We cycled out to Old Harry Rocks which I’d never been to before, and although it looked quite far away from Studland, didn’t actually take that long to cycle to.

Old Harry Rocks

It looked like some of the rock had recently fallen into the sea, and some mad people were standing on a really precarious-looking bit. I wasn’t going to be going anywhere near the edge!

Old Harry Rocks At Old Harry rocks looking towards Bournemouth

It was a fabulous end to a nice weekend, and we were able to cycle back from Sandbanks to Bournemouth along the coast. The crowds had pretty much dispersed by the time we got back – Bournemouth was mine again 😉

Old Harry Rocks
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