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Impromptu visit to Swanage

The after-Christmas lull is always a little depressing with the dark mornings and evenings and the bad weather, as well as the lack of bad Christmas food to eat. However, the day after I got back to Bournemouth after my Christmas break, I had a visit from two uni friends who I haven’t seen in around seven years

Gavin and Iain became good friends of mine at uni, and we all stayed in the same uni halls in our first year. They both happened to be in the area and thought they’d pop down to see me, which was a lovely thought. So I headed down to town at lunchtime to meet them. I expected them to have changed quite a lot in appearance but they actually looked exactly the same as I remember, so were easy to spot!

I took them to The Slug and Lettuce for lunch where we had a catch up, and Gavin suggested we go do something else afterwards, so we headed down to the beach.

Gavin and I on Bournemouth beach

They were really happy to hang out on the beach after so long, and it wasn’t long before they resorted to ‘catalogue poses’…

Gavin and Iain on Bournemouth beach

On a whim, we decided to head over to Swanage on the chain ferry, so we jumped in Gavin’s car and he drove us over to Sandbanks to catch it.

The chain ferry

On the other side, we drove through Swanage town and ended up at Durlston Country Park, where we parked up and had a stomp around. The scenery is beautiful, and here you can see the lighthouse, which we headed towards.

Looking up to the Durlston Country Park lighthouse

There are big square chunks taken out of the cliff – left over from stone quarrying in the past I think (I could be completely wrong).

Durlston Country Park cliffs Gavin being brave on the cliffs at Durlston Country Park

We climbed up to the lighthouse and I was surprised to see how small it was (I always think of lighthouses as being huge things), and also attached to a house.

Durlston Country Park lighthouse

The light was seriously disappearing, so we circled around (getting quite muddy in the process) and made our way back to the car eventually, just as darkness fell.

Looking down on the Durlston Country Park lighthouse from higher up the cliff

Driving back to Bournemouth, we arrived at around dinnertime and headed to Nando’s for a bite to eat, before heading back to my flat for a short while for a hot drink. After a while, I managed to get rid of them 😉

It was a wonderful day and awesome to see the guys. We could just pick up where we left off all those years ago, and we have planned another meetup in February. No seven year gaps this time!

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