Belle Michelle
Paul Kidby's 'Evenstar' painting

Angels, Faeries and Femmes Fatales Exhibition

Just before Christmas, I popped over to the Russell-Cotes museum with a friend to take a look at the exhibition titled Angels, Faeries and Femmes Fatales: Dadd to Discworld

I love going to the Russell-Cotes, it is a wonderful building with amazing views of the sea and lots of interesting things to look at inside.

Exterior of the Russell-Cotes museum Steps leading up to the Russell-Cotes museum

One of the artists being exhibited, Paul Kidby, was going to be there to sign copies of his books and artworks, so we had a little chat with him before heading through to the exhibition. It was good to find out that he, too comes across creative blocks from time to time!

'Angels, Faeries and Femmes Fatales: Dadd to Discworld' sign within exhibition

The exhibition was nicely presented with turquoise walls and banners, which obviously appealed to me as turquoise is one of my favourite colours. It had a very fantasy-like feel, and my favourite pieces were definitely the ones by Paul Kidby (which actually made up the majority of the artwork). I took some photos of some of my favourites by him…

This angel painting, titled Angel Luciana, caught my attention straight away as it is beautiful (my photos don’t do these pieces justice).

Paul Kidby's 'Angel Luciana' painting

This was another one of my favourites – Evenstar. I adore the muted colours and detail packed into it.

Paul Kidby's 'Evenstar' painting

These next couple are pieces created for the Discworld book series by Terry Pratchett. I’m ashamed to say I have never read a Discworld book so I am not familiar with any of the characters, but I appreciated the illustrations all the same!

I liked this next one – titled Wyrd Sisters – because of the vibrant green colours, and again, the incredible details.

Paul Kidby's 'Wyrd Sisters' painting

Sculpture of ‘Granny Weatherwax‘ (I think, after Googling – I forgot to look at the actual title). I’m not a huge fan of sculpture, but I appreciated the style of this one.

Paul Kidby's Granny Weatherwax sculpture

It’s interesting how a sketch goes into a finished piece of work. Here is the progression of Paul Kidby’s Tide Turner from sketch to painting.

Paul Kidby's 'Tide Turner' painting

This definitely had to be my favourite sign in the exhibition 😉

'Femme Fatales' wall text

I’m always a sucker for an awesome pencil drawing, and this is definitely one of them – I’m pretty sure it’s a piece of work for Discworld.

Sketch for Discworld by Paul Kidby

Lastly, just a look at part of the interior of the exhibition. I felt so inspired after looking at the artworks and should really find time for drawing more often. I suggest going to see it for yourself, as the pieces look so much better in real life than they do in my photos. It’s on until the 9th March 2014 if you want to catch it – quick!

Exhibition space