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Bright skies after the storm

Stormy Walk to Sandbanks

It’s been a pretty wet and stormy autumn so far. A few Saturdays ago I had planned to go out for a morning run, but it looked like it may tip down with rain at any second. So, I set out for a walk instead, grabbing my umbrella at the last second as I thought it may be a good idea…

I set off along the clifftop from Boscombe, aiming for Sandbanks. It started off ok, pretty cloudy with a bit of sun. I didn’t plan on taking photos, but the sky did some very interesting things!

Bournemouth pier with storm clouds overhead

I think the sun is doing some kind of clever hiding trick here, as I can’t see it but can see its reflection in the sea.

Interesting light effects over the sea

At this point I could physically see a wall of rain coming towards me, and braced myself for the imminent onslaught.

Storm clouds and rain coming closer

In between these two photos, I made my way down the cliff to beach level. All hell let loose and it poured and poured and poured with rain, and thunder claps and lightning flashes made themselves well and truly known. I felt quite exposed walking along the sea front and had horrible visions of my umbrella being struck with lightning!

But then, just as fast as it had arrived, the storm passed and it became stunning, so all worth it!

Clouds after the storm Clouds over the sea

Looking back to see what I’d just walked through…

Storm clouds from storm just passed

The sky looking innocent, like nothing ever happened…

Bright skies after the storm Pretty clouds over the sea

I made it to Sandbanks. Everything was a bit soggy and I had to jump over some rather large puddles and avoid getting splashed by cars. But I made it 🙂

Clouds at Sandbanks Clouds and blue skies at Sandbanks
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