Belle Michelle

Japan: Hiroshima

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Hiroshima, to be honest. Obviously I knew of the atrocity which happened in 1945, but I was ignorant enough to think that maybe there was residual radiation left in the area and it would be a bit of a dangerous place to go…

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Japan: Ōkunoshima (Rabbit Island)

Long story short, this island, off the coast of Hiroshima prefecture to the south, is full of rabbits. My travel buddies and I had been watching YouTube videos of the place for months beforehand in anticipation. Of course we had to go and see it for ourselves…

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Stormy Walk to Sandbanks

It’s been a pretty wet and stormy autumn so far. A few Saturdays ago I had planned to go out for a morning run, but it looked like it may tip down with rain at any second. So, I set out for a walk instead, grabbing my umbrella at the last second as I thought it may be a good idea…

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