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Afternoon Tea at Frieda’s Tearoom

Last week, my lovely friend and current flatmate Helen was telling me about a cute little tearoom she had found around the corner of both of our workplaces. I am a big fan of tea and cake so suggested we meet there for lunch to see what all the fuss was about…

The place is called Frieda’s Tearoom and is located on Stafford Road near the Lansdowne area of Bournemouth. It looks very small and cutesy from the front.

The frontage of Frieda's Tearoom

It is teeny tiny inside, with colourful bunting hanging from the counter and walls and has a very homely feel. We had decided to synchronise with my earlier lunch hour starting at midday so the place was pretty much empty and we had our pick of the few mismatched tables and chairs.

The interior of Frieda's Tearoom

We had a little look at the menu. I fully intended to skip a proper lunch altogether and just have a huge slice of carrot cake and a cup of tea. But, the ‘afternoon tea’ on the menu caught our eye, which would come with tea, sandwiches and cakes, so we ordered that.

The menu

I ordered some chai tea, which came in a floral patterned tea pot with barely-matching cup and saucer. It was, of course, delicious.

Chai tea in a floral porcelain cup

Shortly afterwards, a tower of sandwiches and cakes was brought out, which was pretty daunting looking to be honest! We had a few of the sandwiches, then moved onto the scones with jam and cream, which we completely devoured between us. By this point, we were both really full and lunch break was nearly over, so there was no way we were going to be able to touch the top layer… for the moment, anyway 😉

Tower of sandwiches and cakes

We split the top layer between us and stuffed all the little cakes into napkins to take back and share with our respective work colleagues.

Top cake tier of the afternoon tea tower

Later that afternoon, I definitely regretted just having cake for lunch, as I could pretty much feel just sugar pulsing through my bloodstream… not a good feeling! That said, I really did enjoy my ‘cake lunch’.

I wouldn’t personally do the same thing of ordering the afternoon tea again as it was a bit too much, but I enjoyed it at the time, and it was certainly an experience!

I would definitely go back another time, as the staff were lovely and the place had a great atmosphere. I’ll probably end up taking my Mum there the next time she visits, and being a bit more sensible (maybe).

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