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Brighton and Newhaven Trip with Sisters

I’ve been really rubbish with seeing my family this year and hadn’t visited my sister Andria yet, who had moved to Newhaven more than a year ago. I also hadn’t seen my other sister in ages. So, we set a weekend in July to have a little reunion…


Meeting Andria at Newhaven train station, she took me back to see her flat for a bit to drop off my stuff and help myself to copious amounts from her peanut butter jar before getting the train to Brighton.

Our youngest sister Nichol met us at Brighton train station and we wandered around The Lanes a bit together in the sunshine. There was a really nice buzz in the air; I think everyone was happy that the sun had finally come out after a couple of days of thunder and lightning.

Gardner Street in Brighton A street in The Lanes in Brighton

Andria was not happy that this shop was not, in fact, a butchers.

'This is Not a Butchers' shop

I wondered if there were any Whole Foods shops in Brighton, as there are some in London so thought there might be a chance. No Whole Foods, but we did find Infinity Foods.

Items were expensive but I got hold of a few things I’d had my eyes on for a while – coconut flour, coconut sugar, almond flour, buckwheat flour, and some interesting-looking chocolate bars. Just remembered I have these in the fridge hiding behind some other things so they’re not constantly in my sight – my plan obviously worked (until now!).

Infinity Foods exterior Haul from Infinity Foods Infinity Foods chocolate haul

Seeing as both their birthdays are in July, late lunch location was sisters’ choice, and they wanted to go to JB’s Diner, which is an American/’50s themed mish mash of a restaurant on the seafront with some ’80s chucked in for good measure (ET / Back To The Future, etc).

JB's Diner exterior Entering JB's Diner Interior of JB's Diner Interior of JB's Diner

I hadn’t seen my sisters for months so we exchanged birthday gifts. I also got presents as I hadn’t seen them for my birthday either. Mine had a rather memorable gift tag…

Wrapped present from sisters Gift tag saying 'Michelle Botty Butts'

Andria and I had half each of a falafel and a chicken burger which were both tasty (I dropped a massive piece of tomato on the floor in the cutting up process and the waitress thought I was rather odd but we don’t talk about that). I also ordered cheesecake afterwards, which was soo good. Mmm cheesecake.

Nichol and I in JB's Diner Cheesecake at JB's Diner

A stroll along the seafront and the pier was in order. It was very warm and sunny, so I was happy. There were many many seagulls. Many. I had heard stories about seagulls divebombing people in Brighton but actually got to witness it!

Brighton seafront Looking along Brighton seafront towards the delapidated pier Sisters Brighton pier Front of brighton pier Andria and I on Brighton pier

By the time we got on the pier, it looked like loads of dark clouds were coming in from the East, which created some interesting light effects and made the sea look rather turquoise.

Brighton ferris wheel

A view from the pier to the old burnt down pier further along the seafront.

View of seafront from Brighton pier

I’ll just leave these here.

Nichol and Andria putting their faces in holes Andria and I putting our faces in holes


Saturday night I had stayed with Andria in Newhaven. In the morning, we got up, had breakfast and went for a walk along the Newhaven coast. Luckily she is an early bird like me, so didn’t have to waste hours waiting for her to wake up!

It was a lot quieter and more serene in Newhaven after the busy-ness of Brighton the previous day. We took a stroll to where the breakwater/lighthouse is along the seafront.

Newhaven lighthouse

I thought that maybe we could walk along the breakwater but apparently not! This looks like something from Fallout 3.

Barricades at Newhaven breakwater

Taking a trek up the hillside to Newhaven Fort, this piece of the landscape caught my eye. Don’t you think it looks like a skull? Monkey Island comes to mind, and I expected to see the Voodoo Lady pop up at any moment.

Rock that looks like a skull

We walked around the fort and further up the hillside to get some more views of the landscape. Andria neglected to warn me of some ‘really obvious’ dog poo on the way up, so guess what happened? Yep.

Newhaven Fort Looking down on the breakwater and a ferry at Newhaven Looking down on Newhaven lighthouse and breakwater

Just as we thought we couldn’t climb any further, we found some crude steps leading up to a coastwatch tower.

Steps built into the cliff Coastwatch tower

We took a walk back down again, along the quay and past the RNLI lifeboat station. I’d come on a school trip to see this when I was 9 years old or so. Memories!

Boats at Newhaven Harbour RNLI lifeboat station at Newhaven

A lovely weekend was spent, and thank you to Andria for putting up with me for two days! 🙂

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