Florida: Disney Parks

During our Orlando trip, we naturally had to go and see some of the Disney parks. So, we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It was a gorgeous sunny day with a few whispy clouds, so after plying on the sunscreen and eating breakfast, we jumped in the car to head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which was just a short drive away from where we were staying.

I was really content to wander around in the sunshine looking at everything, and looked at all the tourist tat in the shops, which was extremely expensive. Funnily enough, I didn’t buy anything.

Entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios Street at Disney's Hollywood Studios

I think it was around 26°C that day, which was just perfect. I could see the Tower of Terror ride in the distance, but there was no way anybody would be getting me on it! It’s an elevator which drops, so not for me! Let’s just say I’m an ever so slight wimp (read: ‘extreme wimp’).

Looking down the main street towards the entrance Looking towards the Hollywood Tower

It wasn’t too overbearingly busy when we arrived, but it did get busier as the day went on, so we headed away from the main entrance area towards Dinosaur Gertie’s Ice Cream of Extinction, where I got a vanilla/chocolate swirl cone. You won’t see any photos of my ice cream, as it melted too quickly!

Giant wizard's hat Dinosaur Gertie's Ice Cream of Extinction Eaterie that looks like a boat

We went to see Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! I had actually seen this 13 years earlier, when I last came with my family. From what I remembered, it was pretty identical, and I had my camera poised to take photos of when things caught fire 😉

Indiana Jones stunt show entrance Things on fire at the Indiana Jones stunt show

Sadly the sun went in for a while, and we headed towards the Star Wars part of the park while waiting for the Beauty and the Beast show to start.

I have a confession to make: The little girl in me loves Beauty and the Beast. So much. I don’t know what it is exactly, but each time I watch it, it makes me cry! So needless to say, I was blubbing my way through the show and trying to hide it… 🙂

On that note, I would love to cosplay Belle sometime, I’ll have to sort that out…

Entrance to Star Tours and AT-AT Beauty and the Beast show Entrance to Beauty and the Beast show

For the remainder of the afternoon, we had a wander around the Pixar Studios animation and ‘backlot’ parts, saw the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow attraction and walked down some streets with forced perspective at the ends, which were pretty cool.

Pixar studios sign Road with false perspective at Disney's Hollywood Studios Road with false perspective at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom

I was so excited about going to the Magic Kingdom park, and we got up relatively early to make our way over in the car. We would only have a morning here so would have to make the most of the time we had. I was bouncing in my seat by the time we reached this sign (excuse the bird mess on the windscreen!).

Entrance to Disney Magic Kingdom

It did take us quite a while to drive into the park as it was getting busy. A bit too busy, in fact. Walking through the entrance, there were a zillion people and we were just being herded in like cattle, which wasn’t really very appealing to me.

Anyway, eventually we got through but things were moving at a snail’s pace because of the sheer volume of people. To make things even slower, an episode of The Middle was being filmed on Main St., so parts were cordoned off and people were stopping to gawk.

Nevertheless, I had my sights set: Cinderella’s Castle!

Looking up Main St. towards Cinderella's castle Cinderella's castle

We moved through the crowds as fast as we could and I kept getting barged out of the way by pushchairs. I would have loved to go on some rides, but everything had a 1.5+ hour wait. There was one thing we needed to get on though and that was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Entrance to Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Aladdin magic carpets ride Entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Moving swifly(ish) through the park again, we stopped at Gaston’s Tavern for a massive coffee which left me buzzing!

Boat at Magic Kingdom Gaston's Tavern

We just wanted to get out; it was so unpleasant with all the people, so we took a walk through Tomorrowland towards the exit and saw Space Mountain in the distance. They were trying to put on a parade too… good luck with that!

Space Mountain Entrance to Tomorrowland

Getting the boat back to the car park, we breathed a sigh of relief at having gotten out in one piece, and felt very sorry for the people entering the park!

Plaza Rose garden Boat at Magic Kingdom

Sadly, Magic Kingdom was a bit of a disappointment to us; it was simply too busy to enjoy. Being just a group of adults, we were getting pissed off, so goodness knows how it would have felt to take kids there! A bit of a nightmare, I could imagine.

We just felt a bit cheated because obviously the tickets aren’t cheap and I thought that they would have had a lower maximum capacity. Surely if you can’t get on any rides and can’t even move around without getting shoulder-barged, what’s the point? Oh – we didn’t see any characters walking around the park either – they must have thought they would get mobbed!

I really wished that we had gone to see the Animal Kingdom and Epcot parks but we simply ran out of time, which was a real shame. Next time, eh? 🙂

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