Florida: MegaCon

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally get to talk about MegaCon! MegaCon was a comic convention being held in the Orange County Convention Center whilst I was in Orlando – would have been rude not to…

We went to MegaCon on the Sunday (23rd March). Two of our group had also been the day before and it had been absolutely packed then, and really hard to get into the venue, so we made sure we got out early to avoid another potential crush.

Exterior of the Orange County Convention Center

The venue itself is massive. We arrived and parked up relatively painlessly and collected our wrist bands, then had a look around the stalls and displays. May I just say here that the branding of the event is terrible – constantly using different typefaces and awful graphic elements!

There was a section where people were displaying their hand-crafted Star Wars models. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, but I could certainly appreciate this awesome green R2-D2, which was delightfully beeping and flashing its lights at me 🙂

Large MegaCon banner Green R2-D2

There was also a huge selection of Lego models which I spent ages looking at. Some of the highlights had to be the LOST (remember that?) and Walking Dead setups. Fantastic.

The Walking Dead Lego The Lego Movie Lego MegaCon sign made of Lego LOST Lego

A few TV stars were at the convention taking photos and selling autographs to the public. Quite a few from The Walking Dead cast were there – Steven Yeun (Glenn) and Emily Kinney (Beth) had been there the previous day and Danai Gurira (Michonne) and David Morrissey (The Governor) were there on the day I went.

One of my friends had photos taken with every single one of them, but at $40 a pop, I just chose one and that, of course, had to be my fangirl-crush The Governor. He has that evil/sexy thing going on 😉

The queue for the photos moved really quickly as everyone was herded in and out at lightning speed; not much time for talking, but he did say I “looked beautiful”, which pretty much made my year!

David Morrissey photo op card Me and David Morrissey

And of course, as it was a comic convention, there were a lot of cosplayers around. There were some very good costumes, but to be honest, I think the standard is actually a lot higher at the London MCM Expo, which I have been to a number of times.

There was an adorable Adventure Time group and I was made up when I saw some people cosplaying Lemongrab – they were even doing his terrifying screamy voice!

Adventure Time cosplayers Lemongrab cosplayers

I don’t know who this guy was meant to be, but he had the biggest blade I had ever seen (no innuendo intended) and an Anna from Frozen (I knew this as I had watched it on the plane on the way) with the most beautiful dress she had made herself.

Guy with massive blade Anna from Frozen cosplay

On the way out, there was a DeLorean just casually parked up in the car park (parking lot?). Pretty awesome.

Front of DeLorean Back of DeLorean

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