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Sunday Walk Along Hengistbury Head

Sunday was a glorious sunny day, which I didn’t expect as the weather has been bad for so long. So, I headed out to Hengistbury Head for a sunday walk with a group of friends to take advantage of the sunshine…

We parked up and walked up towards Hengistbury Head, where there are some lovely views of the coastline and surrounding scenery.

Looking down at the coastline from Hengistbury Head Hengistbury Head geography Stone groyne on beach at Hengistbury Head

After walking down some steps are some absolutely huge beach huts (I’ve only just noticed that one of them is boarded up).

Beach huts at Hengistbury Head

We stopped off for a quick coffee, and then headed back via the beach instead of the way we came. Everything looked so picturesque and the sky so windswept.

Beach at Hengistbury Head Walking along the beach at Hengistbury Head

My strangely shaped shadow came out to play.

My shadow and cliffs at Hengistbury Head

There were some interesting patterns in the steep hillside which I guess are due to the massive amount of rainfall we’ve had recently. I could be wrong, but they looked pretty cool.

Interesting patterns in the cliffs

I love winter evening light, it’s so pretty. I just made the most of the views and warmth of the sun as we headed back to the cars.

Walking along the cliffs at Hengistbury Head

On the way home, we stopped off at Mudeford just to have a look at the sun setting.

Boat and sunset at Mudeford

At the quay, the water was moving super fast, and the sky looked beautiful.

Mudeford Quay

The walk was much needed and blew away some cobwebs and stresses from what had turned out to be a terrible week, and I’m very much looking forward to the next one being infinitely better!

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