Bounty Protein Bar

I love Bounty bars with their sugary desiccated-coconut-covered-in-chocolate goodness, and the day that I found out how much fat, sugar and calories they contain was a very sad one! Having finally got my hands on the Bounty protein bar, I was curious; it in any way close to the original bar, and is it any good?…

I previously tried the Mars and Snickers protein bars and was pretty impressed at how close they were to the regular bars, so I had relatively high hopes.

Upon opening, it doesn’t look anything like the regular Bounty bar I know and love; in fact, it looks exactly like the Mars and Snickers protein bars.

Biting into the bar, it has a very thin layer of chocolate coating, and a coconut flavoured ‘nougat’ substance inside. Nothing like a regular Bounty bar in any way, which is jam-packed with sweetened desiccated coconut. However, the texture is good – not too chewy, and the coconut flavour isn’t bad.

I don’t know what I expected really; I definitely didn’t expect there to be a load of real coconut inside, which is very high in fat, not protein. But, I wasn’t prepared for it to be so different to the original and with no coconut inside at all.

I was pretty disappointed with the Bounty Protein bar; I think they have missed the mark with this one. It has good nutritional info for a protein bar and it is tasty in its own right, but it is not a Bounty.

Nutrition Information

Comparing the nutrition of the Bounty Protein bar with a regular Bounty bar (milk chocolate version), the Bounty Protein bar contains 86 less calories, less than half of the fat and less than a third of the saturated fat, about half of the carbs, a lot less sugar, and of course, a lot more protein.

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