Mars Choc Brownie

Browsing the aisles of a pound shop for treats the other weekend in as I often do, I came across a multipack of the new ‘Mars Choc Brownie‘, which I needed to try…

Mars Choc Brownie

They come wrapped in the distinctive Mars branding with firey orange designs to differentiate them from the original. The ones I got came in a multipack of 4; I presume they also come in a slightly larger size singular version, but I haven’t seen these yet.

Mars Choc Brownie bars

Each singular multipack bar weighs in at 40g and contains 181 calories – nothing toooo damaging to your diet if you are on one!

Single Mars Choc Brownie bar

Unwrapping the Mars Choc Brownie, it looks like any other Mars bar…

Unwrapped Mars Choc Brownie bar

…however, the inside definitely looks a little different; with darker brown nougat and caramel.

Mars Choc Brownie bar inside shot

Taste wise… now I’m not a massive Mars bar connoisseur, but it just tasted like any other Mars bar to me, perhaps a tiny bit more chocolately. It’s tasty, but nothing groundbreaking.

Give it a try if you see one; however I don’t think it’ll be something that will stick around for a long time.

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