Belle Michelle
Cakes on the Liberty Cakes UK stall

Bournemouth Vegan Fair

I popped down to the Bournemouth Vegan Fair this past weekend, which was held at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) to investigate some foods that maybe aren’t so common on the street and in the supermarkets, and to see what alternate foods (*cough*cakes*cough*) Dorset has to offer…

I went on the Saturday morning and got there just before the fair was due to open at 11AM, and was surprised to find a long queue! We all got through pretty quickly (I had bought tickets prior), but I did miss out on the free goodie bags given out to the first 75 people or so 🙁

There were a lot of stalls! I’m going to do a little run-down of my favourites…

Ananda Foods

The Ananda Foods stall was selling vegan and vegetarian marshmallows. I’m not a massive fan of marshmallow, but they were packaged wonderfully and actually looked pretty yummy. We bought some of their ‘Vegan Waggon Wheels‘, which I am very excited to try!

Ananda Foods stall 'Waggon Wheel Cakes' on the Anada Foods stall

Kate’s Dairy Free Cakes

A stunning display of vegan wedding cakes and cupcakes. My word, the cupcakes… we ended up purchasing a box of four. That chocolate hazelnut praline was calling my name.

Vegan wedding cake display Vegan cupcake display

Hannah Banana

The large cakes on this stall were so beautiful. There were large Oreo and Lotus biscuit cakes which I think they were selling by the slice (but I wouldn’t have wanted to cut into them), as well as cupcakes, cookie sandwiches, biscuits and brownies.

Large cakes on the Hannah Banana stall Cakes on the Hannah Banana stall

Pana Chocolate

I follow Pana Chocolate on Instagram, so I was aware of these guys before I came, and I finally got to try some of their delicious chocolate. I was quite a fan of their ‘Fig & Wild Orange‘.

Pana Chocolate stall samples

Liberty Cakes UK

This stall definitely caught my eye as their cakes looked delicious. I ended up buying four things for £10: a delicious chocolate and peanut butter tart, a slice of strawberry ‘cheesecake’, a slice of walnut cake and a jar of homemade peanut butter.

Liberty Cakes UK stall Cakes on the Liberty Cakes UK stall

Mad Cucumber

Mad Cucumber is a vegan restaurant in Bournemouth which I’ve been meaning to visit for ages. their offering at the fair was fantastic, I could have gone crazy buying their cakes but I already had quite a few in my bag by this point! That raw chocolate and vanilla cake looks to die for.

Cakes on the Mad Cucumber stall Cakes on the Mad Cucumber stall


The Cocoafeliz stall had the most fabulous display of handmade vegan chocolates. I did hold off on this one but was very tempted! They would have been gone in ten seconds flat.

Cocoafeliz stall Chocolates on the Cocoafeliz stall

Vegan Heart Cakes

These cakes looked absolutely gorgeous – cute heart shaped cakes, flapjacks, cheesecakes and tarts, all beautifully presented. Lovely branding too; I think Vegan Heart Cakes is one to watch.

Vegan Heart Cakes stall

Meatfree Martha

Delicious-looking savoury options at the Meatfree Martha stall. I purchased one of their ‘Marrakesh Puddings‘ and had it for lunch with some salad when I got home. They put little cooking instructions cards in with each purchase which was a great touch. The ‘Flowerpot Bread‘ looks fab too.

Meatfree Martha stall


I had a nice chat with a man on the Solkiki chocolate stall, and he explained all the different dark chocolate varieties to me, whilst I inhaled the samples. I ended up buying a bar of the ‘Maranon 70% Unroasted‘ which I can’t wait to tuck into; it’ll be fabulous paired with a cup of coffee.

Solkini chocolate stall

All in all, I was really impressed with the turnout of the fair and the quality of the stalls. It did get very busy on the Saturday and I had to escape pretty soonish as I can’t stand crowds. A few of the stalls were packed too closely together, making them hard to get to, especially with the number of people who turned up.

But, it was wonderful and I enjoyed myself greatly drooling over all of the offerings. Well done everyone!