Belle Michelle
Honey & Date Raw Cake stall

Fresh + Fit Fest at The Hoxton

Whilst in London at the weekend eating my buckwheat pancakes with blueberries (very London, dahling) at Hoxton Grill, I spied something interesting going on next door. It looked like it had to do with food, so was compelled to go for a nosy…

Fresh + Fit Fest at The Hoxton

I found out that it was the health food market at the Fresh + Fit Fest. There were lots of stalls showing off their health/wellbeing food brands, and they had samples(!) which is just my kinda thing! I visited every single one, finding some familiar brands as well as some I had never heard about before – here are my favourites…

Whey Box

The idea behind ‘Whey Box‘ is receiving a box containing lots of different flavours of whey protein in the post. It is a great idea, as there’s nothing so annoying as ordering a kilogram bag of a flavoured protein powder because the flavour sounds delicious, only to receive it and find out that you totally hate it!

They were giving out premixed shakes and small samples of oats mixed with the whey to try out, and the guys on the stall were super friendly and passionate about the product, which was great to see 🙂

Whey Box stall

Rhythm 108

Rhythm 108’s specialities are their ‘Dessert Bars‘ and ‘Tea Biscuits‘. I tried every single one of the Dessert Bars before confirming that the ‘Coconut Macaroon’ one was my favourite. I got given a free one by a nice lady manning the stall, which proved to be a very good train snack on my journey back to Bournemouth the next day!

The Tea Biscuits were also super yummy, but I don’t think I would be able to just have one portion!

Rhythm 108 stall

Honey & Date Raw Cakes

I had actually seen Honey & Date featured in an Instagram photo a couple of months back, so I recognised the brand. I was excited to try these ‘Raw Cakes‘, which are made up of nuts, fruit and coconut in lieu of the less-than-good-for-you ingredients that cakes usually contain.

Lady laying out Honey & Date samples

The cakes were so cute and pretty; I tried samples of the ‘Yuzu’, ‘Pandan’ and ‘Tiramisu’ flavours; the last of which was my favourite 🙂

Honey & Date Raw Cake stall


Wyldsson focus on ‘natural’, ‘clean’ and on-the-go food and snacks. The ‘hazelnut & cocoa spread‘ on the Wyldsson stall caught my eye and I had a taste; obviously it’s not exactly like the famous chocolate hazelnut spread we all know about in all its sugary deliciousness, but it was pretty darn tasty in its own right.

They also do something called ‘ProMix‘ which are little tubes of trail mix (nuts, seeds and dried fruit). I thought the tube packaging idea was quite novel, and they would be a good thing to take along on a long walk as an emergency snack.

Wyldsson stall

Pip & Nut

Pip & Nut nut butters are so dangerous to me – I had two kilogram tubs of the stuff in my kitchen cupboard before Christmas and now… well, the least said about that the better. Their stall contained samples of all their nut butters on corn cakes to try.

Of course I had to try every single one of them… even though I had tried them all before apart from the Honey Cinnamon Cashew Butter – which did not disappoint 😀

Pip & Nut samples

I can confirm all of the varieties are delicious! I had to walk away quick before about ten jars jumped into my bag…

Jars of Pip & Nut

Rude Health

I have followed Rude Health on social media for a while now but had never actually tried their products before, so this was a good opportunity.

I got try some of their ‘Cacao & Vanilla Granola‘ which was wonderful, and also one of their ‘Sweet Potato & Cacao‘ snack bars. They were really good, and I had to stop myself just eating the whole samples pile.

Rude Health stall


Of course I had heard of Bounce before, and had previously tried a couple of their flavours of ‘Bounce Balls‘; compact round-shaped protein/energy bars. They had a few more flavours at this stall which I hadn’t seen before, so I definitely took advantage. I loved the ‘Coconut Macadamia’ and ‘Almond’ flavours.

Bounce stall

It was all set up in wonderful well-lit space, stall holders were super-friendly, and I got to try lots of awesome snacks, so I was pretty happy!