Belle Michelle
Sensō-ji temple Hondō

Tokyo: Asakusa

Tokyo was actually our first stop in Japan before going on to Bunny Island, Hiroshima and Kyoto. We initially stayed there for a couple of days to get over the jetlag and to get our bearings before moving on, and came back later for the end of our trip…

Arriving back in Tokyo after our travelling, our very last hostel of the journey was in Asakusa (pronounced Asak-sa), a bustling tourist area with pedestrian shopping areas and buildings belonging to the Sensō-ji temple. So the first evening, we took a wander in the fading light.

Pedestrian shopping street in Asakusa

The shops along the main shopping strip (Nakamise) were closing up for the day, and there were groups of school kids around. We got quizzed by some kids who were clearly on a school trip, asking questions to foreigners about where they were from and where they were visiting in Tokyo. It was very cute 🙂

People and school children roaming the shopping street (Nakamise-dōri) of Asakusa People roaming the shopping street (Nakamise-dōri) of Asakusa People roaming the shopping street (Nakamise-dōri) of Asakusa

Contrast with the pagoda of the Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree – we couldn’t seem to get away from that thing!

Pagoda of the Sensō-ji temple and Tokyo Skytree in the background Sensō-ji temple Pagoda Pagoda of the Sensō-ji temple behind trees

A pretty garden and a stream…

Garden within the Asakusa district

The Hondō (main hall) of the Sensō-ji temple…

Sensō-ji temple Hondō Sensō-ji temple Hondō Sensō-ji temple Hondō and Tokyo Skytree Sensō-ji temple Hondō

The Kaminarimon (Kaminari Gate) of the temple, with giant lanterns hanging over the entrance…

Sensō-ji temple Hozōmon and Tokyo Skytree in distance Sensō-ji temple Hozōmon Back view of lantern on Hozōmon at Asakusa Sensō-ji temple Hozōmon back view Sensō-ji temple Hozōmon front view